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VoteReceive 12 credits per vote
StreamingEarn credits and a PvP Title for streaming and sending us the analytics once a week
ReferralsEarn 50 credits/consumables/AP per referral

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Idgel Dome PVP Instance!

New Character Starter Pack

New characters will have items in their inventory to start their adventure in Atreia!

Eternal Weapon Chest 3x
Dazzling Daevanion Box (Contains Eternal Armor Set and Shield)
[Event/Static] Greater Recovery Serum 100x
[Event] Greater Running Scroll 100x
[Event] Greater Courage Scroll 100x
[Event] Greater Awakening Scroll 100x

Receive Items for Staying Online

Transparent candies will appear in your inventory
for every two hours of being online!

Transparent Candy

General Information

Game Version4.6
Server LocationMontreal, Canada
Experience Rate5x
Drop Rate2x
Max Level65

Gameplay Features

New Instance Idgel Dome implemented
Maps, Arenas and Battlegrounds rewards for top players
Arena tickets consumed on pop to prevent dodging/feeding
Recharger for dueling in capitol Arenas
Aion 4.7 Eternal and Mythic Rank 1 Gear, General and Governor AP Gear with Extendable Weapons
Daily Ceramium Quests
Beritra invasion
Exclusive Nether, Water, Dark, Thunder, Wise Dragon Skins in Events and Shop
New Mounts, Wing Skins, Furniture up until 7.7
Receive transparent candies for being online
Option to disable experience gain/level lock
Active Anti Cheat
Shugo Console included in game directory
Live support on Discord