Important information about the server like game events schedule, server features, rules and more.
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Here are the following rules that must be complied with and that can be changed at any time by the staff of Aion America if necessary.
  • You may not use cheats, automated software, hacks, or any type of unauthorized third-party software designed to modify client behavior (especially to gain an advantage) unless authorized to do so by Aion America Staff.
  • You may not use or exploit any type of glitch, bug or unintended feature for personal gain. This rule also covers the communication of such bugs, it is strictly prohibited to encourage or inform any other user of bugs which may be abused to disturb game balance. All bugs should be reported directly to staff via a pm
  • Note: If you believe a bug is too game breaking to be reported openly you can PM it directly our Staff Team in our discord.
  • Multi-boxing (logging in multiple characters) is not permitted while participating in events. Outside of events however is fine.
  • While playing Aion America you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass or threaten other players.
  • Dual box or multibox - Use more than one client to take advantage of the game's natural mechanics such as participation in arenas for your own benefit or participation in siege to earn medals as a freekill or just standing with a secondary account without direct participation is considered mechanical abuse and is punishable. (Secondary accounts will go to jail for a long time and items will all be removed. When it persists, the main account will go to jail along with the secondary ones, in the last case, all accounts will be banned).
  • Offensive language - This rule applies to everything, not just the server chat. Any type of text (chat, notes, legion name, character name, pet name) that is considered offensive or racist will be severely punished with actions based on the severity of the offense. The same is for images on legion capes.