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Maintenance August, 19 4AM – Server Time

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 5:16 am
by Aionamerica
Maintenance August, 19 4AM – Server Time

- Siege, Arena, and Battleground queue times have been fixed
- Instance cooldowns have been fixed
- Start of the 2x EXP until next MONDAY morning
- Survey for level 60-65 with 1 Eternal Felicitous (Untradeable), 50 Fine Recovery Potions, 50 Fine Recovery Serum (Untradeable), 1 Manastone Box (Available until next Wednesday)

Ultimately this server will always remain one that adheres to remaining loyal to the patch that NCSoft released. Modifying the files to change socketing rates, enchanting rates, or giving out end game gear is beyond the scope of what our team defines as a retail-like 4.6 server and it certainly does not let the player enjoy the progression of their character earned through hard work. If changes like these are what a player needs to enjoy the game then unfortunately we cannot provide that for you. However, our team has been constantly going through the files of the 4.6 patch to try to find ways to improve the player experience without moving astray from a retail-like experience. I am very happy to announce that we are implementing a mechanic from a file in 4.6 that allows players to keep the manastones in a piece of gear that are already socketed after a socketing failure. Many may remember that this was a patch made in a later 4.x patch, but as the fix was already in the files we own, we have decided to implement it to improve the experience that players have in 4.6. We believe that quality of life changes like this one will only enhance a player's enjoyment on this server and it does not conflict with our vision of a 4.6 server.
From when this team was formed to work on this project to now, we have constantly been combing through our files to find ways to improve the player experience and create the best 4.6 experience possible. After hearing so much input from the community about their frustrations with socketing, our team instantly put socketing as the number one priority. As for why this fix is only being mentioned today, we can only apologize but our team is not comfortable hinting at changes that we are not 100% sure can go through. Apart from this manastone change we are extremely excited to say we have even more in store for the community, but we can only ask for your patience and support moving forward.
This server may have not had the population at its launch that could assure players that this server would be a successful one. However, my team and I truly believe that the Aion 4.6 experience that we can offer is the best out there and will only continue to improve.
We may not respond to every request, it may seem like we aren't paying attention, and it might seem like we aren't putting changes out fast enough. The only thing I can say to this is that our team is committed to improving the server through carefully deliberated action and not by making false promises about the server getting better.
This is just the beginning.
We believe that a server begins with a passionate and dedicated team. We also believe that a server ends when that team fails to meet the expectations of its community. Please continue to expect great things from this server. We will not let you down.

- Manastones now on failure won’t break the manastones already socketed on your item