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We advise you to download our complete and clean client so that it works perfectly!

Download and Install Aion America through Launcher

  1. You can download our Launcher and through it you will be able to download our client, Launcher Download
  2. After download run the launcher and choose the path you want to install the client and install
  3. If you already have a 4.6 client you can paste our launcher in the same folder and just repair so our launcher will repair your current client
  4. After download you can choose the language you want and the operation system between 32 bits and 64bits

Download and Install Aion America through Torrent

  1. Download and install Aion America Client with, Torrent Download
  2. Just download and extract Aion, open the folder and run the AionAmerica.exe
  3. BitTorrent Program Download, click here

Make sure you have these programs installed

  1. Download DirectX (2008), click here
  2. Download Windows C++ 2013, click here
  3. Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service, click here

If you have any issues, contact us in our community Forum

for support.


  1. ExitLag is a ping reducer that will help you by improving your game connection in case you need. click here

Aion RainMeter

  1. Aion RainMeter gives support to our server, you can download through this link click here